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November 19, 2012 

Dear Health Conscious Friend, 

You’ve most certainly heard the news… Vitamin D is one of the most important nutritional supplements you can – and should – be taking for your health. And up until now, the highest potency in a single capsule was 5,000 IU. 

Why? This was the dosage most of us holistic health practitioners thought was the most beneficial for maintaining optimal health. In fact, we were among the very first to recommend this higher daily dosage of Vitamin D3. 

But as each year passes, we learn more and more about this incredible nutrient, and the myriad interactions D3 has with almost every single one of our human functions. 

It’s precisely because of this we’ve determined the former level is not sufficient. While infinitely better than the radically low RDA of 400 IU (see below), our new recommended daily intake is 8,000 IU of natural Vitamin D3.

If You're Human, You're At Risk

Here’s what Dr. Damien Downing, editor of the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and President of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, has to say about who’s at risk for Vitamin D Deficiency:

"We ALL Are."

Men, women, children – all are equally affected. Vitamin D deficiency doesn't discriminate. It's affecting the entire population – regardless of skin color, gender or age

From Mayo Clinic Studies:

  • “100% of African-Americans, East Africans, Hispanics and Native Americans are Vitamin D deficient…”
  • “93% of white school children and adults are deficient in Vitamin D”

Vitamin D Deficiency is Pandemic

One of the few vitamins the body manufactures itself through a complex process involving sunlight, Vitamin D deficiency is still worldwide. 

I remember we were taught in medical school that you could get all the vitamin D you needed for the day simply by getting about 10 minutes of sunshine. Boy, was that ever wrong! 

In fact, in a recent study… 

  • 83% of people in Saudi Arabia were found to be Vitamin D deficient!

You really can't find a sunnier place than Saudi Arabia! This study pretty well debunked the sunlight theory. 

Dr. Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, M.D. -
2005 Medical Guidelines
Seminar, Houston, TX

I’m Dr. Andrew Jones, Medical Director of the Women’s Health Institute of Texas - a forward looking think-tank exploring the root causes of female related illnesses. 

Perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio or seen me on television – addressing my millions of listeners regarding the serious health issues facing us today. 

I constantly stress the need for proper nutrition and healthy, holistic living. This is especially important in the "modern" environment we now live in – an environment filled with toxins, chemical residues, and rogue hormones – a virtual cornucopia of health damaging substances. 

One of the most important (and easiest ways!) I've found in increasing health and vitality is supplementing with the "super vitamin" - Vitamin D3. 


FDA Recommended Dosages… Incredibly Insufficient!

As I mentioned above, the daily recommended dosage (RDA) of Vitamin D is 400 IU (international units). Taking this amount of Vitamin D guarantees you one thing: Deficiency! 

In fact through the years, the FDA’s RDA stayed remarkably consistent, even when the rest of the health conscious community was recommending progressively higher amounts.

  • 1940’s – Present: FDA RDA: 400 IU

Holistic & Forward Looking Health Practitioners Recommended Allowances:

  • 2005 - 1000 IU  
  • 2006 - 2000 IU
  • 2008 - 5000 IU
  • 2012 - 8000 IU

The level of Vitamin D recommended by the FDA is the absolute minimum the body needs in order to avoid catastrophic health problems, giving our bodies the barest amount necessary to function without falling apart. For me, this isn't health – it's disaster just waiting to happen. 

Vitamin D Is Safe!

The fear of over-supplementing with Vitamin D3 is a myth – and has been largely debunked by independent research. (Don't go running to Big Pharma for these studies. The last thing they want you doing is taking control of your own health. Healthy people don't need expensive drugs, and that's bad for business.) 

Much of the confusion centers around Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A. In the past, these two nutrients were often found compounded together in the same supplement. Too much Vitamin A can be counter-productive, but the Vitamin A was not integral with the Vitamin D3. 

To be entirely secure, it is recommended you take a Vitamin K2 supplement (100 mcg) along with the D3. Not only will the K2 enhance the effectiveness of Vitamin D, it’s yet another essential nutrient the majority of the world’s population is sorely lacking in. 


CAUTION! Not All Vitamin D Is The Same

There’s more than one version of Vitamin D. The biologically active form is known as D3 or cholecalciferol. (How's that for a tongue twister!) 

Many inferior supplements contain a cheaper D2 version. But this D2 is inactive and must be first converted into D3 before it has any effects on health. This is a largely wasteful process – especially when the active D3 is so readily available. 


Higher Daily Intake

As you just read above, my very latest general recommendation for Vitamin D3 supplementation should be at the very least 8000 IU/day – 20 times the current trivial RDA levels

New scientific findings have revealed the sweeping multiple functions of Vitamin D - far beyond anything mainstream doctors were (and still are) being taught

In fact, many leading nutritionists are starting to recommend Vitamin D3 supplementation for newborn babies in their first 24 hours of life! (Of course, the amount suggested is lower than what an adult would take.) 

Guidelines To Better Health

I highly recommend taking 8000 IU (International Units) of Vitamin D3 per day

Most formulations come in pills or capsules of 400 IU, and a few can even be found at 1000 IU or even 2000 IU. While taking up to 20 capsules a day is of course doable, it isn't very feasible or economical. Even taking 4 capsules a day can become problematic for many. 


All Natural Vitamin D3 - 8000 IU Capsules

I've now re-formulated our all natural Vitamin D3 capsules to include a full 8000 IU. This is the highest potency D3 capsule currently available on the market – no one else has concentrated this much Vitamin D3 in a single dose. 


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Sincerest Regards, 

Dr. Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas 

P.S. I want you to know: When I advise supplementing with a vitamin or nutrient, it's already been "field tested" by yours truly. Not only do I offer this supplement to the public, I don't recommend anything I or my family don't already take ourselves. 

If I say something is important for your continued well-being – it is. And you can rest assured - I wouldn't put anything in my body that I wasn't 110% convinced wasabsolutely safe and beneficial.

And remember – this maximum potency Vitamin D3 product is only available in one place in the world – right here. No other store, shop, outlet or discount retailer is currently offering it. 

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