ATTENTION WOMEN: Are Chronic Pains, Chronic Fatigue & 

                      Chronic Mind Lapses Destroying Your Life?

           Why Suffer Needlessly?”

                        Astounding BIO-NATURAL BREAKTHROUGH
              Turns Standard Medical Treatment On Its Head!


Dear Worried Friend,

It’s truly a nightmare…

Fibromyalgia - a disease so pervasive, so invasive, it’s been called a multi-headed medical hydra – its many symptoms poisoning the lives of over 5 ½ million women.

Chronic, persistent pain and muscle aches throughout your entire body,

Overwhelming weakness – Your arms and legs feeling like they’re encased in lead – simply walking down a flight of stairs leaves you trembling with exhaustion,

Muscle spasms, agonizing “charlie horses” & needle-like skin tingling and numbness - that just won’t quit,

•“FibroFog” – As if your mind was engulfed in a thick heavy, dense mist,

Embarrassing intestinal gas and painful bowel disturbances (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) - keeping you a virtual prisoner within your own 4 walls,

Insomnia and chronic sleep disturbances – robbing you of rest during the night, so that the anguish you’re experiencing is with you every moment… 24/7,

and perhaps the worst of all…


Sharp, powerful agony from merely being touched or hugged – driving away your husband and children out of fear of causing you even more pain.

It’s as if some mad scientist deliberately created a vile mixture of different maladies, all designed to drive you slowly mad with despair and agony.

But there is a way out of this living hell, and if you give me just 5 minutes of your time, I’ll show how you too can be freed from the ravages of Fibromyalgia, without the danger and awful side effects of powerful prescription drugs!

                       Women’s Health Institute of Texas
                         Tackles Fibromyalgia Head On

Let me introduce myself. I’m Dr. Andrew Jones, M.D., Senior Medical Advisor of the Women’s Health Institute of Texas - a research and investigative facility dealing with woman’s’ illnesses.

Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and by the American Academy of Biologically Identical Hormone Therapy, I’ve enjoyed seventeen years experience as a practicing clinician. As the author of 8 books on medical topics, since 2005 I’ve devoted myself full time to on-going scientific research – and am now privileged to spread the word about this remarkable breakthrough.

Perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio or seen me on television – addressing my millions of listeners regarding the serious health issues facing us today.

I constantly stress the need for proper nutrition and healthy, holistic living. This is especially important in the “modern” environment we now live in – an environment filled with toxins, chemical residues, and rogue hormones – a virtual cornucopia of health damaging substances.

I’ve seen, consulted and treated almost every ailment and disease a woman can get, (including PMS,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, under active thyroid, and menopause) and let me tell you this:

Fibromyalgia (FMS) ranks right up there among the worst or the worst.

This is how I define FMS: “If I touch you and you go “ouch” in a bunch of places, you can’t sleep, can’t think, are bloated and full of painful gas, and added to that you experience a PROFOUND lack of energy, then you have full blown FMS.”

    Standard Medical Treatments Rarely Work!
 Drugs Like Lyrica Can Be Dangerous & Ineffective

The normal course of action for many “drug-centered” physicians is prescribing anti-depressants (the “Now, now my dear, it’s all in your head” crowd) or some extraordinarily dangerous TV touted anti-seizure medication such as Lyrica to lessen your Fibromyalgia pain.

But drugs such as Lyrica have severe side-effects, such as:

•Profound Sleepiness & “Zombiness” (The exact symptoms you are trying to fight!)

•Bloating & Weight Gain,

•Uncontrolled Hunger,

•Body & Limb Tremors, and

•Depression (As if you weren’t dejected enough!)

Not only that, these drugs are exceedingly poor at helping alleviate your Fibromyalgia pain in the first place!

How poor? Consider this…

"5 of every 6 people on these drugs get no pain relief whatsoever. The somewhat fortunate remaining person may experience only about a 50% reduction in pain."

In other words, over 80% of you taking drugs like Lyrica will not only be wasting your money, you’ll actually be harming your body and your mind even further!

                      Chronic Fatigue Treatment Opens
                      The Door For FMS Breakthrough!

About a year ago, a colleague and I started noticing extraordinary success with some new protocols for treating CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But to my amazement, after being treated with this new method - patients who also had Fibromyalgia saw a remarkable reduction in their FMS symptoms as well.

When I was in active practice, I was doing quite well in helping my FMS patients, but this just made my jaw

drop. Previous good results now could suddenly became GREAT results.

Building upon this insight, the entire focus for treating Fibromyalgia changed. I devised a groundbreaking therapy plan for truly combating and ultimately defeating Fibromyalgia.

Combining this exciting and eye-opening new information with what I already knew, one of the most comprehensive treatments you can find in overcoming FMS is now available to you…

       We Can Now Treat, Reverse and Yes…
                        Even Eliminate
   Your Most Troubling Fibromyalgia Symptoms…

   All Without Dangerous Prescription Drugs – And 

       Without Having To See Any More Doctors!

It’s the breakthrough 99.9% of most physicians don’t even know about, much less recommend. In fact, even natural/bio-identical hormone doctors like me weren’t familiar with this until recently.

Succinctly, here is the most crucial advancement in eliminating illnesses such as FMS I’ve seen in my entire career:

                    PROTEASES + ENZYMES
               A Revolution in FMS Treatment

Proteases are powerful blood-borne enzymes, breaking down disease-causing material called fibrin particles - acting like a vacuum cleaner by eliminating these unhealthy elements from your system. These enzymes literally clean out your blood, while also restoring essential microcirculation.

Microcirculation is vital for a proper functioning body. Every cell of every organ you have depends upon a constant supply of oxygenated blood. You are probably aware of veins and arteries, but actually our circulatory system branches down into smaller and smaller pathways called arterioles, and many of these are barely large enough for single blood cells to pass through!

These ‘micro-pathways’ are the first to clog and fail in a diseased body. When enough of them start shutting down, big problems start:

•Heart Disease,



•Liver Damage,

•Muscle Damage,

•Connective Tissue Damage,

•Skin Damage

… just to name a few.

Proteases are
literally game changers all on their own. Since they’ve been used in healing therapies, I’ve seen results that are nothing short of amazing. Chronic diseases that failed to respond to any sort of drugs or natural methods simply vanished after patients started on these proteases.

                         Digestive Enzymes

This powerful protease therapy is additionally improved by adding digestive enzymes.

Decisive for keeping us healthy, these enzymes are vital for restoring normal intestinal metabolism.

If you believe (as I most certainly do!) that abnormal gut metabolism is one of the root causes of many forms of chronic disease, including heart disease and cancers, then proper amounts of digestive enzymes are simply pivotal for good health.

Not only do they break down what we eat into the essential nutrients necessary for our very survival, but are vital in maintaining our bodies at optimal efficiency. When our digestive enzymes start slowing down, we literally begin starving ourselves into sickness.

                Both Products Even Further Enhanced!

As you read, the results patients saw with these two products were amazing. But then it was taken one step further – intensified with added elements.

To the proteases, nattokinase was added. One of the most powerful of all the proteases known, this one extra ingredient creates results which are breathtakingly superior.

To the already advanced digestive formula being used, even more crucial enzymes were added– treating an even wider spectrum of problems than before.

                Protease +NK & Digest-SEB
                   Putting It All Together…

I’m glad you made a commitment to carefully read everything we had to discuss about treating and conquering your Fibromyalgia misery and pain.

You may be asking yourself if this can really be true… if these two products can work where everything else you tried has failed.

Let me assure you – it is true – and they do work!

Mainstream medicine with its litany of truly awful and dangerous prescription drugs (Lyrica and anti-depressants) only mask the symptoms but do nothing for the root causes of the disease. Even holistic/natural therapies (which are indeed helpful, but unfortunately incomplete) were lacking the comprehensive spectrum of compounds necessary in restoring you to full health and vigor.

      Everything You Need In One Convenient Place …
          Where to Get Them & How To Take Them

I’ve put together a special combination package of both Protease +NK & Digest-SEB – exactly what you need for successfully combating and overcoming your Fibromyalgia.

•You won’t need a prescription.

•You don’t need to make an expensive doctor’s appointment.

•Both products will be sent directly to your doorstep.

No guesswork, no footwork, no worries or hassles.

Plus, since this is a special package of Protease +NK & Digest-SEB, rest assured you’ll be getting the finest quality nutrients available. I’ve personally researched and chosen each of these products offered.

                                  Order Here From This Website!

The formulations you’ll soon be receiving from Natural Living are unique
, not available anywhere else from any other source. The only way you could duplicate these custom made preparations would be directly through a compounding pharmacy – and of course paying some mighty hefty dollars in the process.

By choosing Natural Living, you’ll never have any doubts about the quality or effectiveness of what you’ll be taking.

You have my word on it.


Imagine… in just 8 short weeks, you can be well on the road to complete recovery – no more insomnia, no more depression and exhaustion, no more dreadful brain fog. And perhaps best of all, instead of cringing each time your husband and kids try to touch you… you’ll be savoring every single hug.

If you are sick and tired of always being sick and tired, you now must realize - this is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Ready to start living again?

Then life without Fibromyalgia is just one click away…

To your abundant health,

Dr. Andrew Jones, MD

Senior Medical Advisor, Women’s Health Institute of Texas
Women’s Health Institute of Texas

P.S. Like all diseases, some cases of fibromyalgia will be more resistant than others. I tell my patients to think of your body like a car. Feed it bad gas, don’t change the oil or other essential fluids, and continually expose it to toxic stuff like heat, dirt and salt… it’s no surprise it will one day sputter and fail.

The same processes are going on inside you right now. Pollutants, poisons, lousy food, daily stress… all are taking their toll. But I’m always amazed at how resilient the human body really is, restoring itself back to health after correcting the ravages of poor nutrition and bad medications.

For those of you whose bodies are severely compromised, find out more about the Full FMS 5 Step Program and the additional natural nutrients you should be closely considering.

There’s no more need for you to be ill.

Thanks again, and now… let’s get you back to health!


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