Bio-Identical Dosages


How to use this cream:

Dosage recommendations: 

• Apply 2 pumps of bio-identical estrogen cream to the skin at bedtime. The cream comes in an airless pump dispenser.

• Two pumps are equivalent to .500 mg of Premarin.

•  If needed, it is totally safe to use this cream twice daily and in larger amounts (see below).

• This cream can be applied directly to the vagina – this especially helps vaginal dryness


Dosage Comments: 

Depending upon your particular body chemistry and how depleted your estrogen levels are, you may need to increase the dosage in order to completely eliminate all your symptoms. 

If you find some of your symptoms still persist, simply keep increasing the applications by 2 pumps every 4 – 7 days until your symptoms disappear entirely.

For example, using just 2 pumps at night may diminish your hot flashes and night sweats by 50%. At that point, simply add a morning dose of 2 pumps and utterly eliminate those symptoms.

If your body is very depleted and some symptoms still persist, then increase to two pumps twice daily. This is the equivalent to a daily dose of 1.00 mg of Premarin a day.

Some women are so estrogen-deficient that they require larger than expected amounts of estrogen. In this situation, a woman may require 8 or 12 pumps of the recommended cream. 

The estrogen cream can be spread out to two times a day, particularly if daytime symptoms of hot flashes are significant. Apply the cream at bedtime if your symptoms are mainly night sweats.

If you have both severe hot flashes in the daytime AND night sweats then you will most likely need to apply the cream at bedtime and again in the morning. Start at three pumps at each time and adjust any increases in 2-pump increments for the time of day or night with the most symptoms.

Rarely, do women have to apply more than four pumps, two times a day, for a total of 8 pumps/day. Using 8 pumps would be the equivalent of Premarin 2.0 mg/day, which is a large dose. 


This is what’s known as “unopposed” medicating. Estrogen should always be taken with its hormonal counterpart progesterone, just as nature designed and intended.

I recommend a bio-identical progesterone product (PC30) to take along with Estro500.  


  • Suggested dose for progesterone (PC30) is to apply 2 pumps at bedtime, every night.


PC30 can be ordered here along with Estro500.


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