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OS2 - Ocular Support Solution (90 Tabs)

As part of the normal aging process, your vision can deteriorate over time. While people often take a wide variety of vitamins for their eye health, only doctor-recommended AmeriSciences OS2 contains science proven to help improve visual acuity, lubricate your eyes, support tear duct function, and nourish your tired eyes.*

The market is filled with brands that claim to have the best vitamins for eye and macular health. AmeriSciences OS2 focuses not just on your macula, but your entire eye. That's why we call it the Ocular Support Solution. Pick up you AmeriSciences OS2 eye supplement today and start seeing the difference.* 

Based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence, AmeriSciences OS2 goes several steps beyond other eye vitamin products. Our comprehensive formulation incorporates the science of many landmark studies to provide you with the ultimate Ocular Support Solution. Whether you are concerned about normal age-related visual decline, occasional dry eyes, macular health, or simply want to give your diet an eye-healthy boost, make AmeriSciences OS2 a part of your life!

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Bottle of 90 Softgels, 1 Month Supply.

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