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AmeriSciences Sleep (BTL)

Getting a good night’s rest and complete sleep cycle is vital for your health. For a restful night and fresh morning, try AmeriSciences® SLEEP Nighttime Supplement. Made of a blend of soothing herbs and antioxidants, this nighttime supplement help your body fight free radicals while you dream. SLEEP’s complete multivitamin formulation also provides your body with essential nutrients throughout the night, nurturing and helping your body replenish during this critical fasting period and giving you a more consistent sleep cycle.*    

The blend of vitamins and minerals in AmeriSciences® SLEEP will ease your mind and help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Weight loss is significantly more difficult without adequate sleep, so it’s easy to see how AmeriSciences® SLEEP benefits you even further by giving your body the rest it needs to take on the day and burn more calories.*

Dampen the arousal system and relax muscles without the risk of dependency or uncomfortable side effects of prescription medications. 

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60 Tablets/Bottle - 30 Day Supply


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