Omega 3's Max


AmeriSciences Omega Max (BTL)

Many people know Omega-3 as simply Fish Oil, but the term Omega-3 refers to specific components found in the oil of fish. The quantity of quality of Omega-3 fatty acids depends on the type of omega supplement you choose.

AmeriSciences Omega Max uses the purist ingredients and follows the strictest guidelines to remove all contaminants. That's why it has been researched and used by astronauts as part of a Space Act Agreement between AmeriSciences and NASA Johnson Space Center.

Benefits attributed to Omega-3 fatty acids include the lowering and maintenance of triglyceride levels as well as blood pressure. **They also play a role in brain health, fetal brain development, the immune system and support anti-inflammatory functions on the body*.

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Available in 60 Softgel (1 month) and 180 Softgel (3 month) bottles.


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**When levels are within the normal range.